Esteemed Los Angeles based chef Norman Kai Lee observed that many of his friends would constantly ask him for recipes with the food they had on hand. He realized that many home cooks buy food for certain meals, but do not know how to repurpose those ingredients with other recipes. The result: overstocked kitchens and excess food waste.



dpgw teamed up with Norman Kai Lee to solve this problem by developing a mobile application that automatically provides consumers with professional recipes based the actual ingredients they have on hand. 



• Branding

• UI / UX Development

• Marketing

dpgw worked with chef Norman Kai Lee to design a name and logo that represented the fusion of technology and the culinary arts. The unfinished circle resembles both a plate and an "on" button while the fork pointed towards the center in a "ready-to-eat" motion symbolizes the speed that Smart Kitchen turns your ingredients into professional meals.

dpgw developed the entire UI and UX for Smart Kitchen with application features including audio entry, community participation where users can submit their own recipes, and monthly spotlights on professional chefs from around the world who share their favorite recipes with the Smart Kitchen community. 

Smart Kitchen pulled recipes from top cookbooks from around the world. Users had the ability to upload their own recipes and books creating a community of sharable plates

Natural checkpoints ensured users never started a recipe without all of the ingredients. These reminders also serve as mental checkpoints to update the application after grocery shopping.


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