dpgw drove $20M in value for our clients in 2019. 

See what we can do for you in 2020. 



Photography & videography

dpgw in-house studio handles small scale social content to large scale commercial productions. Our downtown office includes a two-room production space with a 15' x 15' x 15' white cyclorama wall allowing all interior products to remain fully in-house, which reduces the cost to client and turnaround time. 


Digital Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, & Google Adwords

dpgw is certified in Facebook and Google marketing, and supported by an official Facebook agent who provides exclusive support across all client campaigns, which gives dpgw one of the most comprehensive digital marketing programs in the industry.


Branding & Design

Product packaging, brand guidelines, graphic design

Turn content into marketing assets by utilizing dpgw in-house design team. From product packaging to print and web assets, our agency has developed award-winning creative for our clients including a 2019 Red Dot award.


Website Design

Landing page development & E-commerce design

dpgw specializes in landing page design for finance and real estate companies, and e-commerce design for CPG brands. If your business falls in one of these categories, our team can provide you an effective website at a reasonable cost.


Direct Marketing

Field Ambassador Program 

A unique service of dpgw is our field-ambassador program. We deploy brand ambassadors in key marketing locations to increase digital conversions, collect customer data, and complete field sales for B2B businesses. See how we partner this program with geo-targeted digital ads.


Brand Strategy

Market strategies for new ventures and established businesses entering a new industry

At the core of every successful brand is a strong strategy. dpgw experience with brand development includes the launch and acquisition of Solace Technologies for $15M in 2019. Learn about our strategy behind that venture, and see what we can do for your brand.


Multi-Brand Management

Bring multiple projects under one 

Organizations with multiple brands can save marketing dollars, recruitment costs, and time by using our multi-brand management service. We provide a discounted rate for three or more brands under one roof across all services we provide.


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