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Why Office Space is Important: Turning Cost into Content

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

dpgw in-house photo and video studio

dpgw is a full service marketing firm located in Downtown Los Angeles. Over our four year history we have moved three times. Below is a post on what we learned about the right way to approach office space for a service based business.

dpgw advertising agency office in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles

Service Base Businesses Sleep When You Do

Unlike product-based organizations where sales can theoretically occur around the clock, service based businesses such as the dpgw marketing agency are only operational when the team is present in the office. The result is that everything outside your personnel becomes a cost rather than an asset to the business.

“We decided to treat our advertising agency office like a client.”

dpgw Downtown Los Angeles Advertising Agency Office

When dpgw moved into our current Downtown Los Angeles office we took a look at all of the costs outside personnel associated with our Los Angeles marketing agency.

Internal Office Costs

  • Advertising agency office space

  • Agency furniture and office supplies

  • Photography and Videography equipment

  • Agency internet

While the list was short, each of the costs above was ever present. How could we reduce these costs without sacrificing much needed agency space and supplies? We decided to treat the dpgw advertising agency office like a client. If a client provided us a creative space, what would we do with it?

Turning Cost Into An Operational Budget

Our team first invested into building a 15' x 15' x 15' cyclorama wall in one room of our new office. The result of this in-house studio was that our creative team could create work faster, and reduce our production overhead with photo and video project.

The second component of this studio was that it allowed our agency to list the studio on Peerspace. By turning 1/2 of our office into a rental utility our agency was able to turn the sunk cost of rent into a growing operational budget. We used these funds to further develop other areas of the dpgw marketing agency office into work spaces that could also function as photography and videography sets. In late 2019 we added a second listing to our Peerspace account, which displayed our entire office for rent for video productions on the weekends.

By treating our office as a client rather than a cost, the dpgw marketing agency was able to creatively hack a former cost. For advertising agencies looking to make the move into a larger space we encourage you to think the same.

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