Pure Minutes

Website & UI/UX

Pure Minutes is a leading provider of international prepaid calling and Top Up mobile phone payments. Faced with a changing telecommunications market that has made it easier to call overseas via communication applications and online services (rather than printed calling cards), Pure Minutes enlisted dpgw to create a new website and mobile application to take them into the digital age. dpgw created a clean website that clearly demonstrates the key values of the Pure Minutes service to new users, and allows existing customers immediate access to the tools they need most. 

After the website development, Pure Minutes asked dpgw to extend the scope of work and redesign their mobile application as well. dpgw took the modernized visual aesthetic created for the website, and applied it to a new mobile application. 

Work Done:

Website Development



dpgw completed a digital audit of the original Pure Minutes website, and found two key issues with their original build:


1. Aesthetic: The original Pure Minutes website did not reflect the modernization of the service. While Pure Minutes was successfully adapting to the new telecommunications market, their website design made them feel like an fading giant in the field.

2. Utility: Pure Minutes users utilize the service to send money, pay phone bills, and mange their telephone accounts, but the original website did make it as easy as possible for users to access and understand these payment tools.

dpgw took these two pillars of aesthetic and utility into the website rebuild. The result is a modern Pure Minutes website that places understanding and accessibility at the core of the design. 

New Pure Minutes Website designed by Dpgw
Original Pure Minutes Website


dpgw developed an entirely new UI and UX for the Pure Minutes application. dpgw updated the existing features including Top Up, mobile bill pay, and mobile calling,  and added new features such as watching advertisements in exchange for free minutes. 

New Pure Minutes Application Designed by Dpgw
Original Pure Minutes Mobile App